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“I always feel welcome and I feel like they really care about my recovery. I have sent many friends to Tampa Bay Bone & Joint.”



"I am pleased to be one of the recipients of RELeV. My friend, Dr. McClimans, injected my knee. The knee was injured 45 years ago, (patella dislocation resulting in traumatic shearing of meniscus cartilage). Prior to the injection, I couldn't play golf without a cart. Playing multiple days in a row routinely resulted in minor swelling. I had the injection in late August. At the end of September, I spent a week in the Hamptons and played multiple rounds of golf. More impressively I could play tennis and some basketball. Although my athletic prowess was far short of noteworthy, my knee was exceptional; I had no swelling. Prior to the injection, I was not able to put pressure on the knee in a flexed position i.e. hitting a tennis ball. Clearly, this has been a very positive result for me."

-Jim, Businessman


“To the nines! Choosing physicians is a personal one. I believe my choice of care at Tampa Bay Bone & Joint and Dr. McClimans is the best available. Caring and great customer service just can’t be any better than it is here. "



“After learning that I needed a total knee replacement at 69 years old, it concerned me. My doctor suggested an alternative procedure, regenerative medicine therapy. I was skeptical at first and since he could not guarantee the treatment this concerned me. I trusted his recommendation and the procedure was done in June 2016. I had one injection. As of today, [January 2017], I can happily report it was successful. I have no pain, swelling and my range of motion at my age is exceptionally better after a treatment of RESToR. I thank him for his recommendation and inform others to consider it before having a total knee replacement.” 

-Melba, Age 69


“Very professional staff, caring and attentive to patient needs. Thanks for providing a pleasant healthcare experience.”



“As a long sufferer from degenerative knee pain I have tried multiple products in an effort to maintain my healthy active lifestyle.  My goal every year is to enjoy a skiing season without having to take days off for knee pain and swelling.  As a physician, I keep up with medical developments and was excited to hear about the latest regenerative efforts from New Life Regenerative Medicine.  The science is solid and credible and supports what I have discovered in my own wound healing research.


I had an injection of New Life - AFT into each knee 4 months before the first ski trip of this year.  I was cautiously optimistic after 6 weeks when my knees had less daily discomfort and made less “noise” when I flexed them.  I am thrilled to report that I was able to ski six full days in a row without restriction and without my usual swelling and pain.  I didn’t use any anti-inflammatory medications and didn’t need to ice my knees one time, even after a day of 30,000 vertical feet.

The results exceeded expectation. I am recommending this revolutionary regenerative product to my friends and to my patients.” 

- Dan, Plastic Surgeon, Age 58

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